The business group adds 71,000 trees planted as part of its environmental commitment, contributing to a more sustainable environment.

Constanza.- The companies Alfridomsa, IBT Group and Parque del Prado held a reforestation day in the area of La Siberia, Valle Nuevo as part of their environmental commitment in order to preserve and restore affected areas by natural hazards or human activities, contributing to a healthier and more sustainable environment for all.

For the past 12 years, each of the companies has been making continuous efforts in favour of the environment by minimizing the environmental footprint of its operations with the aim of contributing to preservation.

“We are convinced of the importance of preserving and recovering these natural spaces by planting trees, preserving the characteristics of the environment and improving the possibilities of life and water,” said Gina Victoriano, executive director of the companies.

This initiative supports the actions of the companies, according to the sustainability policy, to strengthen their value chain, providing spaces of knowledge and education to their collaborators on environmental challenges and sustainable development.

“We have planted 68,000 trees in various areas to improve environmental conditions, prevent, minimize and control environmental impacts. In each of our operations, we are committed to the continuous improvement fostered in our employees environmental values and respect for natural resources,” said Victoriano.

Currently, Alfridomsa and Parque del Prado are in the process of certification under the ISO 14001 standard of Environmental Management to continue reaffirming the commitment of senior management and all its staff to environmental protection.

In this activity, carried out in La Siberia, Valle Nuevo, dozens of collaborators from the companies joined in a joint effort to plant 3,000 trees together with other institutions in the area, including the Ministry of Environment, the Army of the Dominican Republic and the Fire Corps Colonel Marún J. Tactuck.

The day in which 3,000 trees of Pinus occidentalis (Creole pine or Hispaniola pine) were planted, plant that helps prevent soil erosion, reduces CO2 levels in the air, protects watersheds and provides a vital habitat for many plant and animal species, promoting biodiversity and ecological balance.


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