Code: PE-P0-001

Version: 03

Our greatest commitment at Parque del Prado is to offer integrated funeral services, professionally and emotionally guiding families, to guarantee tranquility and security at this difficult time.

We have a team of collaborators with the capacity and experience, assuming the commitment to honor life with

respect and dignity.

We also create added value in a sustainable way that contributes to social development and allows us to satisfy the expectations of all interested parties.

We promote prevention and controls to avoid labor abuse, discrimination, forced labor, child labor and other human rights violations. As well as other actions penalized by laws and ethics.

At Parque del Prado we work to improve the quality and satisfaction of our associates, as well as the prevention of pollution and minimization of environmental impact, applying continuous improvements and in compliance with the legal requirements applicable to our integrated management system.

We continually optimize and innovate with technological tools, updating our processes and creating new ones.

services, permanently training our collaborators, to ensure business continuity, to guarantee sustainable development, adhered to compliance with Health, Environment and biodiversity improvement laws and/or protocols derived from them.

Revision: January 4, 2024