The company gave a contribution of Christmas vouchers and boxes with food products so that members of the institution can enjoy the holiday season with their families

Constanza.- In this season of generosity and solidarity, Alfridomsa made a significant contribution to support the staff and families of the Fire Brigade of Constance, in order to carry a message of hope and joy on these special dates.

Highlighting the operational capacity of the brave men and women who, day by day, safeguard the security of our town, This event reflects the importance of collaboration between the private sector and service institutions for the general welfare of the community.

Gina Victoriano, administrative director of Alfridomsa, said that “for our company, it is a way to value the sacrifice and commitment that firefighters are given in each call. In this special time, we want to extend our affection and solidarity to these local heroes so they can enjoy a happier and fuller holiday with their families”.

The delivery of Christmas vouchers will provide them with the opportunity to purchase essential items to celebrate these holidays. Food boxes also contain a selection of non-perishable foods and essential items to ensure everyone can enjoy the season alongside their own.

Alfridomsa, as part of its social responsibility, reflects in each delivery its continued commitment to support service institutions, the community and its desire to make a positive difference in citizens, joining in a gesture of solidarity and empathy in this Christmas season.

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