Alfridomsa and IBT Group carry out second reforestation day this year in Constanza

Constanza.- Almacenes y Frigoríficos Dominicanos, S.A. (Alfridomsa) and IBT Group, led the second reforestation day of the year in this municipality, in coordination with the municipal environmental office and with the support of members of the 6th. Battalion of Hunters and Firefighters Coronel Marún J. Tactuk.

The planting of 1,500 plants of the western pine species, penda, guázara and cypress, was carried out in the La Cotorra community of the Tireo municipal district in an area previously affected by a fire. With this reforestation they reach the figure of * 65,000 * seedlings planted in the different days they carry out.

Eng. Gina Victoriano managing director of Alfridomsa, indicated that despite the incidence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the environmental commitment must be assumed and put into practice, since criminal hands continue to cause damage and remediation such as the sowing of Trees is important to mitigate the negative effects of these actions.

“This is our second day of the year and we comply with the health measures and protocols, because we have to protect our natural resources in order to have quality of life. Likewise, we thank the institutions that always accompany us to these activities because caring for, protecting and preserving the environment is a collective task and that is how our companies maintain this social responsibility with the country ”. Gina Victoriano indicated.


October is recognized as the month of reforestation and on the occasion of this, Alfridomsa and IBT Group call on all sectors to carry out their own conferences and thus create a positive impact on the environment. They also made an energetic call to the authorities to prosecute and apply drastic criminal and administrative sanctions to those who lacerate the environment with illegal practices, affecting the forests and consequently the sources of aquifers.

Every year both companies, together with the environment and other institutions, carry out multiple tree planting days.


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