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Alfridomsa offers the widest array of integrated services in storage, customs logistics, and transportation within the Dominican Republic.

With locations in strategic points, Alfridomsa is located close to major air and sea entry ports throughout the country. Alfridomsa is an affordable and reliable option for commercial importers, industry needs, and Dominican agro exporters looking for lower operating costs.

We count on a professional team, backed by the latest technology and promoting the best commercial industry practices. Our team, composed by experts and technicians specialized in the areas of trade and customs, offers the most complete, up to date, and reliable information to optimize a clients commercial operation.

We dispose of a technological platform with the necessary equipment to monitor your stored goods and control your inventory. With our global network we also offer integrated solutions for international commerce in strategic points within the United States and Europe.



Advantages with Alfridomsa

Alfridomsa offers competitive advantages to its clients that facilitate the storage and transportation of cargo throughout the Dominican Republic and around the world.

Advantages offered by Alfridomsa include:

  • Alfridomsa offers a wide range of refrigerated, dry, frozen, short term, and long term storage solutions.

  • Logistical and security system with video, allowing our customers direct access online to monitor inventory.

  • Locations throught the country.  We pick up air or sea cargo.

  • Complete array of cargo consolidation and ground transportation services.

  • Extension of a primary customs zone for merchandise needs including: import, export, bonded warehouse, re-export, general warehouse, and consolidation.

  • Alfridomsa disposes of the principal logisitcal distribution center in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean.



As a part of IBT Group, Alfridomsa offers import and export solutions through its strategic allies in Europe, the United States, and the rest of the world.

Some of Alfridomsa's international partners:

IBT Group
IBT Group is a multinational group of companies that specialize in the development of public works and the integration of construction equipment projects for public institutions. IBT and its subsidiaries have an extensive portfolio of successfully completed projects in a variety of fields.Visit Website
The Friologic Group is composed of various companies located in strategic points throughout Europe.  As a logistical operator it provides refrigerated facilities for the storage of frozen and refrigerated food products for a variety of industrial sectors and special projects.Visit Website


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