Alfridomsa is licensed by ADUANAS as Logistics Operator

Santo Domingo.- The company Almacenes y Frigoríficos Dominicanos, S.A. (Alfridomsa), through Resolution No. 20102028, received its license as a logistics operating company from the Directorate General of Customs (DGA), covered by Resolution No. 262-15, which creates the Logistics Centers and Standard No. 01-2019, which regulates logistics operations.

With this new license, the brand expands its product portfolio, offering third parties the services of storage; inventory management; classification, consolidation; de-consolidation and cargo distribution; packaging, repacking, labeling, relabeling, packaging, repackage, and fractionation of products; refrigeration, re-exportation, separation, transportation.

Likewise, any other logistics activity that contributes to facilitating the competitiveness of companies and that has been previously authorized by the DGA.

Since its inception, Alfridomsa has operated with high levels of efficiency in quality and safety, under international standards, proof of this is the various certifications it has, such as ISO 9001-2015 quality, Authorized Economic Operator, BASC (Business Alliance For Secure Commerce) Security Management System, certification of protocols against COVID-19.


Each of these certifications is part of Alfridomsa's commitment to improvements in performance, differentiation, and competitive strength in the market.

Alfridomsa, is also a member of the WCA World, Dominican Agribusiness Board (DAB), American Chamber of Commerce, Spanish Chamber of Commerce, the Dominican Association of Air and Maritime Cargo Agents (DAAMCA), and the Ecotourism Cluster of Constanza, among others.

 The company has received important recognition for its high social commitment and actions in favor of the conservation and protection of the environment.

More About Alfridomsa

Almacenes y Frigoríficos Dominicanos, S.A. (Afridomsa) with locations in Puerto Caucedo, Merca Santo Domingo, and Constanza, offers the widest range of integrated services of storage, customs clearance logistics, and transport in the country. It has locations in strategic points, proximity to maritime ports and airports for shipments in the country. Alfridomsa is a reliable and cost-effective option for Dominican importers, industrialists, and agro-exporters seeking to lower their costs.

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