Alfridomsa and IBT Group carry out reforestation in Constanza

Constanza.-  Alfridomsa and IBT Group, in coordination with the Environment Office in Constanza, carried out a day of reforestation with the planting of trees in favor of the rescue of forests and the conservation of the water sources in this area under the strong commitment of Responsibility Social and Business that identifies both companies.

The planting was carried out in the forested area of ​​Las Neblinas in the La Palma community, an area that was affected a few weeks ago by an indiscriminate fire that caused damage to the forest resources of the area.

Applying the protocols recommended by health organizations, the planting of two thousand plants of different species aims to contribute to the ecological restoration of the area, a place of water importance that forms the Las Neblinas Scientific Reserve.

"We continue to reaffirm our commitment to the environment, taking the measures required by the incidence of the Covid-19 pandemic and having to have fewer collaborators than usual, but with the same love and desire to plant trees," said Ing. Gina Victoriano, administrative director of Alfridomsa.


 Gina Victoriano regretted the damage caused by several fires to the mountains of Constanza, which affected some 12 thousand tasks in forested areas.

“It is painful to see criminal hands destroying our forest resources and water sources. That is why we are here and from now on we will be coordinated to go to another mountain that needs to be reforested, "added the executive.

A donation of antibacterial masks and gel was also made for the personnel of the municipal environmental office. Tito Montero thanked the delivery and highlighted the commitment of IBT Group and Alfridomsa in favor of the environment.

Every year both companies together with the environment and other institutions carry out multiple tree planting days.



Link:  Alfridomsa and IBT Group carry out reforestation in Constanza